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Innovative Procedures

DEDICATED PROCEDURES are specialist procedures recommended for patients who need to recover in a very short time and are willing to use the newest methods taken from West Europe, where medical care is exceptionally advanced and based on numerous international clinical trials.

1. Stem-cell therapy

A therapeutic procedure with use of stem cells, which belongs to one of the most innovative techniques of treatment of many conditions in orthopaedics, locomotor system traumas, traumatic-orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine.

It is currently the best alternative to surgical treatment of numerous illnesses of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and many overload-related conditions. Stem cells are used in many European countries and have been proven effective in the treatment of many diseases and regeneration of many organs.

It is a procedure recommended for patients who for any reasons do not want or cannot be treated surgically. It allows for quick regeneration of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and other tissues.

We are one of very few centres that offer this kind of treatment.

Find out more: Stem-cell therapy available in the Tricity

2. A procedure used in the treatment of tendon, muscle and ligament damage, with use of platelet-rich plasma and other orthopaedic preparations

A partly damaged tendon, ligament or muscle requires regeneration and restructuring for full recovery. In order to speed up the processes of regeneration and restructuring, we can apply a concentrate of platelet factors, which enhance the process of reconstruction of damaged structures such as tendons, muscles, articular capsules, ligaments, fascia and soft tissues.

This procedure is recommended for patients who want to quickly regain physical fitness after traumas of tendons, ligaments, muscles, articular capsules, both for surgical treatment and after tendon strain. 
It allows for much faster reconstruction of the damaged collagen fibres and regain physical fitness.

3. Non-invasive treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture

A procedure of treatment of hand contractures, with use of an innovative technique called XIAPEX.

It is currently the best alternative to surgical treatment of this condition. Xiapex, whose full medical name is collagenase clostridium hystiolyticum is naturally synthesized by bacterium called Clostridium histolyticum. This preparation has been tested as a medication for Dupuytren’s contracture for many years. In 2011, FDA registered it in Europe as a product of confirmed efficacy in the treatment of this condition.

It is a procedure recommended for patients who for any reasons do not want or cannot be treated surgically. It allows to remove the contracture with use of the interaponeurosis intervention.

4. Procedure of enhanced bone union after fractures

A procedure involving enhancement of bone union after fractures, with use of devices and preparations, whose effectiveness has been confirmed by FDA.

It is based on emission of waves of a specified length and frequency, which allow for much faster total healing of the fractured bone. Please remember, that a total bony union is achieved after approximately 6 months, depending on the type of fracture and your age. The available devices or preparations allow us to achieve bone union as early as after 50 days, they shorten the time spent on a sick leave, shorten rehabilitation phase and promote quicker recovery.

This procedure is recommended for patients who want to quickly regain physical fitness after fractures and/or surgical treatment.

5. A procedure of reconstruction and regeneration of the articular cartilage (treatment of chondromalacia, intra-articular damage)

A procedure of reconstruction of the articular cartilage with use of preparations that promote chondrocyte reconstruction: viscosupplementation, hyaluronic acid supplementation, chondroprotection and collagen therapy.

The articular cartilage is present in all joints and when normally shaped, it allows for painless joint movement. Traumas, little areas of damage and overload produce micro-cracks on the cartilage, and with time, they lead to degenerative lesions in the joints. Consequently, they must be replaced at older age. Such a replacement procedure is called alloplasty and involves artificial implants such as prostheses.

This procedure is recommended for patients after joint traumas and contusions with damage and micro-injuries of the cartilage, who want to rebuild the structure of the joint and chondrocytes, in order to prevent future degenerative lesions. 
It is commonly recommended as chondroprotection after arthroscopic procedures.

6. Removal of postoperative scars

A procedure of removal of postoperative scars, with use of a platelet concentrate or stem cells and transdermal systems.

Postoperative scars are commonly the cause of discomfort. Always remember that in order to avoid unesthetic postoperative scars, one must act as early as before the stitches are removed.

This procedure is recommended for patients who want to get rid of unaesthetic post-surgical scars, both directly after a surgery and after some time. 
The earlier after the surgery you act, the better the result.
Plan this procedure before your surgery.

7. Renewal and regeneration of hand skin

This specialist procedure of renewal and regeneration of hand skin, with use ofhighly concentrated factors, allows for regeneration of damaged skin. Thanks to this method we can remove wrinkles, renew the epidermis, reconstruct collagen fibres and rejuvenate skin.

It is recommended for patients who want to effectively and non-surgically change the look of their hands.

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