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Handproject Clinic

What can you expect from HANDPROJECT CLINIC:

NFZ financed surgical procedures.

What we offer to our patients:

  • Reasonable prices based on the Insurance Company Guidelines
  • Individual consultations in well-equipped consultation rooms
  • Well-qualified therapist’ care before and after the surgery, if needed
  • Splints and immobilization devices, if recommended
  • Consultations and specialist advisory in hand, wrist, elbow and nerve surgery
  • Access to specialists in shoulder surgery, neurologists, radiologists, if needed
  • Access to medical consultations and surgery outside working hours in urgent cases
  • General and local anaesthesia, depending on what is clinically recommended
  • Consultancy based on an EBM training, experience and medical education
  • Knowledge and experience in the treatment of hand, writs, elbow and nerves, as well as untypical and difficult cases
  • Referral for a second opinion in exceptionally difficult or controversial cases
  • Surgery in specialist centres, in accordance with the widely available medical care
  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Access to a medical specialist in unexpected postoperative complications


  • Anaesthesia is an integral and indispensable part of the surgical procedure
  • Once a patient is ready for the surgery, our anaesthesiologist carries out an additional examination and discusses with the patient the method of anaesthesia
  • The surgery can be carried out under general, local or mixed anaesthesia.

General anaesthesia: Before the procedure you will be given necessary instructions on drinking, eating and taking medications. You will be provided with precise information of what will happen, what to expect and what we will do to make sure you don’t feel any pain before or after the surgery. We use the most modern anaesthetics, methods and devices. Thanks to our staff, the procedure will be painless and you will be able to go back home on the same day after the procedure.

Local anaesthesia: Involves administration of an anaesthetic with use of a needle, to obtain insensitivity of the nerves in particular areas of the hand. This method can be used as the only one or along with general anaesthesia, which is discussed with patients before the procedure. Local anaesthesia is far safer, and the techniques currently used in HANDPROJECT CLINIC are very popular among patients abroad. They allow for earlier return home and quicker recovery.

Last important issue: If you are afraid of anaesthesia, you can always ask for a detailed explanation of the method that will be used, and make sure the procedure will be painless.

Hand rehabilitation involves:

  • Preliminary qualification before the surgery
  • Rehabilitation before and after the surgery
  • Ambulatory physiotherapy
  • Please remember that physiotherapy is an integral part of the medical procedure on the way to recovery.
  • Our rehabilitation specialists are highly experienced in evaluation of problems and making decisions regarding the therapeutic priorities

The Project offers:

  • consultancy and education
  • exercising programmes, joint and soft tissue mobilization
  • electrotherapy – to alleviate pain and reduce oedema
  • ortheses, immobilization, ultrasounds
  • specialist hand, wrist and finger immobilization methods
  • thermoplastic materials for even a more precise fit

The policy of the project is based on mutual respect expressed by both the patient and the medical specialist:

  • Respect your time and our time – if you are not able to come to the appointment or consultation, please let us know in advance
  • Please remember that the medical specialist participating in the project are conscientious and meticulous. They require a lot from themselves but also from their patients.
  • We expect our patients to respect our work and be determined and cooperative throughout the entire therapeutic process.
  • High qualifications of our partners allow us to efficiently evaluate problems and make right decisions regarding the therapeutic priorities.
  • Please remember to chronologically order all your medical documents, which will make it easier for us to go through it in shorter time.
  • If possible, ask your GP for a short letter with the medical history of your condition.
  • Protect the environment and do not print excess of documents. Having all the documents printed out does not speed up the procedure in any way.

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